The law’s being broken where are the cops?

To whom it may concern; The lack of thought and research on the part of the author on suction dredging in the opinion page on 17 August is appalling! Not only is it not well thought out but not researched at all. First of all and correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t the gangsters in question brought about in a depression brought about by a government action called the stock market failing? Now we have rogue and over permitting government agencies trying to keep us out of the water at all costs. As for Mr Poe, I know him personally and he is no gangster, moreover a person who is really tired of all this B.S. brought about by all these environmental and government groups working together, much like myself! If we could get the amounts published that the environmental groups make off sue and settle it would astound us all. They make a very good living off this type of litigation. I personally have had a consulation process going on for almost three years with the Forest Service for the EPA’s NPDES permit but to no avail! After calling them almost every month for THREE (count em) three years, they can’t even find my paperwork! Now the Forest Service wants to impose another permit on us to take another 2 to 3 years for another consulation in which they tell us we can only dredge 150 feet of our claims. Would they only live in 1/10th of their own house? Would they only use their bathroom during certain parts of the year? Getting the picture? Congress has made sure this type of action would not be used against mining but the EPA and the Forest Service have ignored all this. The miners and dredgers are probably more environmentally conscious than most enviros! We know if we damage the land we can’t keep working it. The land only helps those who take care of it, ask any farmer or rancher! How many enviros do you see picking up trash on our claims or out of the rivers? The question I have always asked is, how can you have an endangered species when they were decimated (Tribune’s own words) in the late 19th, early 20th century? There are no native ocean going fish in the Columbia Basin! Only hatchery raised and trucked to spawning grounds. The only native fish are the ones not clipped going through the hatcheries! How can a fish that is classified as a predator (Bull Trout) that feeds upon Salmon eggs be endangered, when the government themselves tried to exterminate them! I guess what I’m trying to say is, get your facts straight before writing something about which you have no knowledge or experience about! The only people who should be outraged are the miners who have had all this B.S. heaped upon us by people who don’t even know what a dredge looks like or how it operates. Until you do have the facts, stick to your little nature hikes and your wine tasting and leave the miners, dredgers and rivers alone!!!! Ron Miller 675 Wall Creek Road Stites Idaho 83552 President, Rocky Mountain Mining Rights 208 983 6546

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