As member of RMMR you are entitled to receive our help in locating your own mineral estate (mining claim). This includes streams in Western Wyoming, Southeastern Idaho and Northern Idaho, known to obtain gold.
Further, we will assist in filing your own paperwork and notify you when assessment and waivers are to be filed (before Sept 1st in Idaho).
Moreover, if you just want to find gold a week or so each year, we have many member claims where you may mine for one week per year and keep the gold you find. This member privilege is absolutely free! To extend your stay you must arrive at an agreement with the claim owner. Every member agrees to allow a guest per year per claim!
RMMRs intention is to gain insight on seasonal restrictions affecting dredging seasons as well as dredge sizes allowed. To this end, we intend to ask for any and all proof of seasonal restrictions, fisheries reports, spawning seasons, river closures, etc. We will then send this information to independent fisheries biologists to ascertain if current restrictions are within proper time frames as set forth within current regulations.
The end result, hopefully, will result in increased opportunities for dredging your resources!

By miners for miners, defending your rights.

Membership is $ 35.00 a year.
Membership Application Doc
Membership Application pdf