RMMR is, as our name indicates, is a group of miners
dedicated to preserving the right of any bonafide American citizen to prospect and mine for gemstones and minerals. We believe it is part of an American legacy which is under attack by various environmental & governmental agencies through which environmental advocates lobby to eliminate our rights pertaining to mining, which as we know was granted to the mining industry by act of Congress in 1872 (1872 Mining Law)!

We have developed this web site to be an informational center for all gold bearing and like minded individuals.We are attempting to provide information to share miners stories and experiences concerning federal government agency's & officials (both good and bad) and those individuals and groups opposed to mining in general.

RMMR  will  attest  to work in coordination with other advocates and groups dedicated to preserving our rights to seek out mineral resources and develop them. It is our promise to interact with other like minded groups to amend language and/or propose new legislation affecting our rights. To this end we will work tirelessly!

We will also publish reports and articles from biologists, hydrologists, fisheries biologists,mining engineers, geologists, and other like minded scientists.
We welcome all comments and information if they can be backed up by facts, No B.S., just the facts! We will try to bore you with the truth not dazzle you with lies!


We thank you for your support and comments.